The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Things I've done in the last three weeks.

- Picked two grocery bags full of fresh fruit from a friend's uncle's farm in Sebastopol.
- Gone to Carmel.
- Played drums for the first time, which I LOVED. (Except--OW! My right instep is KILLING me from the kick.)
- Gone swimming at Pixar.
- Seen three movies. Like, in the theatre and everything. Which has been a rarity for quite a while. (Brideshead Revisited was lovely; Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder was bizarrely hilarious, despite all the other issues with the film, which weren't the issues I expected; Hamlet 2 sealed my love for Steve Coogan, as though 24 Hour Party People hadn't already.)
- Wished several people a happy birthday.
- Done a reading for the first time in a long time.
- Cleaned a lot only to still find my place is a mess.
- Made peace with the fact that my grandmother isn't long for this world.
- Gotten paid for my performances. That's... different.
- Resisted the urge to call the extra dog my dog. He's currently stowed at my landlord's friend's place for a couple of days while she tries to work some rescue magic.
- Test-driven a car named Sputnik.
- Wiped up Java's blood twice. (She ran into a tree last night and cut up her ear pretty badly. Then today she started sneezing blood; I suspect she inhaled a burr carried home from my weekend in Carmel.)
- Run into someone I met at South by Southwest nearly two years ago in the Mission.
- Performed the Nina Simone piece at the Uptown for a second time.
- Come up with an idea for a burlesque number involving a mash-up of a hip hop song and the 60s R&B song it samples. (Okay, it's not exactly a mash-up, but it does require some editing. Anyone interested in helping? I can do it myself in Garage Band, but with my lack of skill and experience, it'll take me forever.)
- Written Edited the next issue of a non-profit newspaper.
- Applied for so many jobs my eyes are still crossed.

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