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Vallejo district to pay $25K to lesbian student | San Francisco Examiner

VALLEJO — The Vallejo public school district has agreed to pay $25,000 and to institute mandatory awareness training to settle a lesbian high school student’s claims that she was tormented by teachers and other staff members.

Rochelle Hamilton, 16, alleged that during her sophomore year at Jesse Bethel High School she was required to attend a group that was run by a counselor who asked gay students if they had chosen their sexual orientations and told them they would have a hard time finding jobs.

“I’m sure this counselor in her own mind probably had the best intentions in trying to talk students out of being gay,” said Elizabeth Gill, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union who represented Rochelle. “The fact that this was going on in the school shows there was no understanding of the basics of state law.”
Vallejo district to pay $25K to lesbian student | San Francisco Examiner

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