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And while we're at it....

From an email just sent to Talk of the Nation:
I was not only disappointed but downright angry to hear Neal Conan, during Tuesday's segment on Coming Out Stories, once again contribute to the notion that black voters in California were somehow "more" responsible than other ethnic and racial groups for the passage of Prop 8 in the November election. This myth, first perpetuated by a dubious poll taken by CNN, has by now been thoroughly debunked: The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Let California Ring, and other organizations involved in the fight for same-sex marriage rights in California have all acknowledged and supported a study published in January that found African American voters did not vote for Prop 8 in significantly higher percentages than white or Asian voters and that many precincts throughout the state with few black voters came out disproportionately in favor of the initiative.

To continue to promote this information does a huge disservice to the black community in general and to LGBTQ black people specifically by portraying our community as being particularly homophobic and reinforces a divide that is not as firmly as entrenched as the media and certain other players have portrayed it.
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