The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Summer in the city.

After a week-plus of my face being sore and my nose being an ever-running faucet of snot, I'm finally over whatever nastiness befell me during the LSAT.

I've been a bit spacey, though, and tired for the last few days. Still applying for jobs, but not hearing much back. Blech.

My boo is, to quote rivetpepsquad, the best boo that ever boo'd. His friend is getting married in Hawai'i this weekend, and he's featuring at the Hawai'i Slam next weekend. I, of course, couldn't afford to join him on this trip, but apparently he didn't want to go without me. So he got me a ticket yesterday (which I'm splitting with him) as an early birthday present. I get to spend a week on the beach with my hero conditionbronze!

And even my mom's being a sweetheart--she's paying half the cost of boarding a certain silly dog while I'm away. And I think I have someone lined up to come by and feed Ella while I'm gone.

Finally, from Hubba Hubba Revue: SIDESHOW last Friday, my performance with Wiggy Darlington and The Naughty Bits. It's a reprisal of the age-old feud between mimes and clowns, set to Romeo Void's "Never Say Never," inspired by West Side Story and with liberal cribbing of choreography from Michael Jackson's "Beat It":

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