The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Free self defense workshop tomorrow!

lilmissnever :

Sometimes the leather daddies like my hair. Sometimes a car slows down to hoot and holler. Sometimes some guy mumbles something as we pass each other and takes terrible offense when I ignore him. I wish that the mumblers and the stumblers, the inept Lotharios and guys in cars could understand that they are progressing down the street thinking, "Hey, that's a pretty girl," but I am walking down the street thinking "If that guy makes a move towards me, I am going to elbow him in the face, grab his hair, and ram his head into my knee."

Full post here.


Also, I figure I should use this as a segue to plug the CUAV SafetyFest workshop I'll be co-facilitating tomorrow with Self Defense for Self Determination, a queer and trans people of color collective:


Come yell, kick, and talk it out with us! Learn and share skills for the daily verbal and physical self-defense situations we encounter.

Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center
5680 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland
Saturday, April 17, 1-4 p.m.
Open to women and trans folks

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