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From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 15:12:34: Someone's currently arguing with @elonjames that the 3/5 Compromise wasn't about our worth but about "representation." O_o Public schools.
  • 15:17:37: @elonjames @JayCharity: The 3/5 Compromise was about political expediency, but only the consensus that we weren't human made it possible.
  • 15:34:02: @elonjames I think some people can't see the forest for the trees.
  • 15:46:29: @JayCharity: No more sensible than what @elonjames said earlier. Our perceived lack of humanity allowed for that compromise. #getaclue
  • 15:51:36: Main problem with RICE? My toes are numb, my ankle is cold. But good thing I didn't bring my cane into the office. It's one of those days.
  • 16:09:44: @JayCharity "Designed to" signify? Really? Do you know what "signify" means? #semioticsarentyourstrongsuit
  • 16:33:01: RT @StopBeck: Dear America: This bedbug infestation is kind of gross. Fix it. Signed, Someone That Doesn't Want Bedbugs
  • 16:34:03: RT @StopBeck: RT @existentialfish: How dare every single media company infringe on my 1st amendment rights by not paying me to write for ...
  • 17:03:57: @JayCharity: I don't think anyone was discussing the purpose of the census. We're discussing the fact that we didn't count as people. Period
  • 17:24:36: @JayCharity You ignore that this was a compromise based on a consensus that we were not considered people.
  • 19:33:13: @JayCharity: So that you know what you stumbled into with such dedication to being a contrarian:

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