The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 11:56:19: RT @decimalperiod: Ah, they're filming the next Jersey Shore season in Italy. Maybe we'll get to hear "I'm done, Ron; I'm done" in Italian.
  • 14:23:25: Sign petition @change: Calling for Reduction on Appeal of Ms. Kelly Williams-Bolar's Unfair Sentencing for Fraud ...
  • 19:02:17: I know I should watch the SotU, but I just had a root canal and kinda feel like taking a Vicodin and watching Law & Order: SVU. Sue me.
  • 19:06:16: Okay, okay. I'm being a responsible citizen and watching the State of the Union. But I'm either taking a Vicodin or drinking some whiskey.
  • 19:08:17: @lastnora Whiskey it is. What words are drinking to? "Jobs"? "Bipartisanship"? "Unity"? How about "jiggy"?
  • 19:11:21: RT @LisaMcIntire: Why is Boehner in Pelosi's seat? #denial
  • 19:18:44: RT @studentactivism: Biden-Obama-Boehner are sitting in color order tonight, light to dark. They look like a paint chip. #SOTU
  • 19:29:29: RT @thenightcabbie: watching the #SOTU but finding it impossible to pay any attention to it, because i'm too busy following the twitteri ...
  • 19:37:59: RT @thewayoftheid: Hey, here's a novel idea for boosting education and the economy...FORGIVE FUCKING STUDENT LOANS #sotu
  • 19:50:07: RT @JamilSmith: This is the American exceptionalism we need. Be realistic about what we are and aren't good at, and don't blow smoke up ...
  • 19:50:36: RT @bobcesca_go: POTUS baiting the Republicans to vote for the spending freeze. Good luck, Republicans. Checkmate. Damned if you do and ...
  • 20:50:31: Between the extraction of my wisdom teeth on NYE and today's root canal, 2011 is apparently The Year of Not Eating.

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