The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
The richest girl in town.

Мои твиты

  • Чт, 15:44: Waiting for the slower residents of the Twitterhood to notice there's a difference between account names (@) and hashtags (#).
  • Чт, 16:19: Is anyone else curious about the winner of this year's Cave Canem Poetry Prize, or am I the only one refreshing their site 10 times a day?
  • Чт, 18:34: Still waiting for inept Twitter users to notice that the "FightingWords" hashtag uses # instead of @. Oh, well. A-blocking we will go....
  • Чт, 20:04: This is not the hashtag you're looking for.
  • Пт, 11:28: Today, the homesickness is particularly poignant. I miss the Bay, I miss Oakland, I miss home.
Tags: twitter

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