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  • Fri, 13:13: RT @graceishuman: Blackness isn't monolithic. Grant Hill's experience of blackness isn't Jalen Rose's. POTUS's isn't Condi Rice's. This ...
  • Fri, 13:37: RT @thinkprogress: Sexist trolls create video game that lets players beat up feminist video blogger
  • Fri, 15:42: RT @amandapalmer: yeah so this makes me want to curl up and cry.
  • Fri, 15:48: RT @mobrowne: #dear twitter: sometimes, silence is vicious.
  • Fri, 15:59: Tomorrow's my hatching day, so I played hooky today. At the Spider House in front of an industrial fan with a grapefruit martini. #meday
  • Fri, 16:02: Tonight, there will be dancing at Body Rock, but right now, book contest deadlines beckon. #onthegrindevenwhennotatwork
  • Fri, 16:13: RT @Luvvie: I need Adele to get her smokes, put her hair in that side ponytail, sat on that stool and sing a song called "Bitch it's hot."
  • Fri, 16:24: RT @nkjemisin: Dude just rolled by playing "Drop It Like It's Hot". F that; it's hot. No simile needed.
  • Fri, 16:44: RT @NMamatas: Fremont, CA bars BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA from AP class because rape in it is too negative, insufficiently "uplifting" htt ...
  • Fri, 16:46: RT @theferocity: I will not give up on this poetry manuscript. It's good. I know it is good. I am patient. I am patient. I am pa-- PUBLI ...
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