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  • Thu, 13:58: RT @thegooglefact: Studies suggest that sex is the best alternative to sleeping pills when attempting to get a good night's sleep.
  • Thu, 18:20: Nothing makes me murderous more than a lack of a sense of urgency. And so understand that my own sudden lack of one is beyond unwelcome.
  • Fri, 09:37: RT @thelindywest: "When I was your age, Timmy, we had these things called 'jokes.' But then they outlawed rape humor & racism, so co ...
  • Fri, 09:41: RT @lizzwinstead: At least when Romney got booed he didn't threaten gang rape. #YepIWentThere
  • Fri, 09:42: RT @softjunebreeze: A study in which we learn that Black women have a smaller vaginal circumference on average *sips tea* ...
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