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  • Mon, 12:33: RT @SettlerColonial: Everyone faces adversities. Native people have five hundred years of genocide and racism. I had to work at a bar in ...
  • Mon, 12:38: Media Decoder: Helen Gurley Brown, Who Gave Cosmopolitan Its Purr, Is Dead at 90
  • Mon, 13:51: RT @Shugah: White dude in Texas freaked out because a "negro" was bagging his groceries. He has filed a civil rights lawsuit. http://t.c ...
  • Mon, 13:54: RT @thelindywest: "YOU GUYS. THIS IS NOT A GAME." - actual Crocodile Dentists
  • Mon, 14:46: RT @citycyclops: EROTICA FOR WOMEN WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM: Burt wasn’t tall or good looking or successful or funny, but he was asleep and ...
  • Mon, 20:26: As various things have been playing my last nerve like a violin lately, I think there's a blog post coming soon. It has been a minute.
  • Mon, 23:24: A new blog post, finally, at, about "the inner city" or the "ghetto": "Or, like I call it: home" -
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    Tue, 12:43: RT @ CausaJusta1: We can create safer communities if we defund OPD by 50% and invest in community services. To get there we need to…

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    Mon, 20:36: Sitting in my parked car in front of my apartment building listening to the end of an episode of “Health Dialogues” about CA…

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    Fri, 17:34: RT @ poppytheav: Seeing all the cool houses never gets old. 🤩 Can you guess which neighborhoods I’m in? #tellmewithouttellingme

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