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The richest girl in town.

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My tweets [Friday, Aug. 17th, 2012|12:00 pm]
The richest girl in town.

  • Thu, 14:13: RT @Karnythia: I need to know why someone making 60K a year thinks they're all that. Shit, get at me when you earn exponentially more th ...
  • Thu, 22:10: In the Fight Against Dog Hair, the Dirt Devil Versa Stick Vac is the best $18 I've ever spent. Plus, Java's afraid of it, so that's a bonus.
  • Fri, 10:28: RT @Lady_Serpentine: When 16% female is "well-represented," your industry has some thinking to do. (Women make up 50%+ of the population ...
  • Fri, 11:20: For those looking, Univ. of Texas at Austin is seeking a tenure-track Associate Professor in Poetry: http://t.co/Yuo9OVYP