The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
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  • Sun, 19:13: RT @thewayoftheid: They're about to eject my husband's 49er loving ass from this party.
  • Sun, 19:14: RT @rgay: Think of all the December babies who will be named Halo Destiny.
  • Sun, 19:14: RT @jose602: Clint Eastwood, deep in thought, in a room full of chairs.
  • Sun, 19:24: Suddenly in my head. I forget sometimes how much I love this song. Oh, surprise clarinet. You are lovely.
  • Sun, 19:29: If my white friends who swore off OAK's First Friday after the shooting don't swear off SF if it burns tonight, I'm calling foul.
  • Mon, 11:09: The only way today could be more of a Monday would be if a bunch of angry monkeys chased me with TPS reports.
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