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  • Tue, 18:31: Super-irritated right now that for the third time, my work iPhone has bricked when iOS is updated. Back to the Apple Store AGAIN tomorrow.
  • Tue, 21:05: Me: Even though Java's anxiety causes me constant low-level stress, she's my partner. Friend: Did you remember to put the Torture Mat down?
  • Tue, 21:47: RT @rachnyctalk: This just happened!!! #marriageequality #DOMA
  • Tue, 21:51: RT @AndyChalk: I'm actually against gay marriage in the US because the longer you Americans dick around, the smugger we Canadians can fe ...
  • Tue, 21:55: RT @Karnythia: I feel some kind of way about narratives that erase hood made good while prioritizing middle class narratives about poverty.
  • Tue, 22:09: RT @unwoman: Hey #GDC-attending friends, did you know @mc_frontalot is playing at Ruby Skye tonight and it's free with your badge? I'm h ...
  • Tue, 22:09: RT @megan_falley: Sometimes Groupon makes me think that my only options in life are yoga and laser hair removal.
  • Tue, 23:14: April is the cruelest month. Especially when you only have until the 5th to write three new poems for a submission. #gettingmyellioton
  • Tue, 23:15: RT @zoh_zoh: So I'm reading today's #SCOTUS transcript and Cooper says -- no shit -- the "essential thrust of our argument" and I'm all, ...
  • Tue, 23:18: RT @zoh_zoh: Scalia suggests a questionnaire at the marriage desk. "Are you fertile or not fertile?" #SCOTUS #transcript #page25
  • Tue, 23:19: RT @tmbg: OK. Who is going to explain the internet to the Supreme Court?
  • Tue, 23:21: RT @zoh_zoh: Ginsburg points out that people in prison w/ no chance of ever being released have a fundamental right to marry. #SCOTUS #t ...
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