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  • Thu, 14:58: Movers come tomorrow, and I can't tell if this next two weeks in ATX are going to fly by or drag. So beer. #beerthirty
  • Thu, 22:01: Just watching last Sunday's Mad Men now while I pack. Poor Sally Draper and the therapy she's going to need.
  • Fri, 10:42: RT @marcmaron: I always romanticize train travel and it always turns out to be humbling and a romance.
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    Fri, 09:25: RT @ Cruise: "Safe, comfortable, and affordable... like my mittens"

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    Wed, 12:33: RT @ crissles: i am beyond relieved that trump is out of power and i hope the democrats don't spend the next two years getting in…

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    Wed, 09:05: It’s so nice to be presidented again. Wed, 09:08: RT @ Bibliogato: Coat Twitter: I-- YA Twitter: *barges in* IS THAT A FUCKING…

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