The richest girl in town. (fightingwords) wrote,
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  • Tue, 11:23: RT @MargaretNrthwd: Tim Wise is the stopped clock of anti-racist white men. (Note I didn't say anti-sexism.)
  • Tue, 11:23: RT @BabyWasu: i think that @TimJacobWise must remember that if he weren't capitalizing off the voices and narratives of PoC that he'd be ir…
  • Tue, 11:24: RT @jkfecke: Tim Wise is such an ally to POC that he just told them to sit down and shut up. SMH.
  • Tue, 11:27: RT @sassycrass: Right now...some Nice White Person who voted for Obama is standing up on a bus/train because the only free seats are next t…
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    Wed, 21:54: This morning, my partner Charlie comes into our bedroom with coffee. C: William Shatner-- L: Died. C: He went-- L: To Heaven? I…

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    Fri, 15:11: Jesus Christ, this whole thread. Fri, 18:09: RT @ propublica: A factory worker didn’t want to call in…

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    Wed, 13:41: Frances Haugen's former skip-level.

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