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  • Sun, 11:26: RT @XplodingUnicorn: Me: Want to touch my beard? Wife: No. Me: *rubs it seductively* How about now? Wife: *leaves* Everything Twitter t…
  • Sun, 11:26: RT @husseybyname: Just a reminder, Dolly Parton wrote Jolene and I Will Always Love You on the same day. You'll never have a day that amazi…
  • Sun, 11:30: RT @Iron_Spike: And there have been over 300 post-conviction DNA exonerationS in the US. 18 of those were death row inmates. EIGHTEEN.
  • Sun, 11:30: RT @Iron_Spike: Did you know the 1st criminal case to use DNA evidence didn't secure a conviction, but exonerated a man who confessed under…
  • Sun, 11:39: RT @jbouie: Seriously, in what world does a 19-year-old black kid gets called a "nigger" and doesn't want to fight? *I* would have wanted t…
  • Sun, 11:43: RT @LeVostreGC: Thes ne ben nat the droydes that ye seeken.
  • Sun, 11:49: RT @dreamhampton: Same gods who tell you black homosexuals are the white man's demographic plot will tell you how they mastered avoiding c…
  • Sun, 11:50: RT @DougSaunders: A Copenhagen zoo culling a giraffe has got people in England more worked up than a Syrian leader gassing hundreds of peop…
  • Sun, 11:52: RT @S___Elliott: 90% of the things I worry about never happen. Which proves worrying works.
  • Sun, 11:55: RT @thewayoftheid: *takes all of her Brand Nubian tracks out back, shoots them*
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