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  • Sun, 14:19: RT @anylaurie16: Hey all, Dad passed away about an hour ago. Thanks for all your messages, he was bowled over that so many strangers were t…
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @anylaurie16: After Dad took his last breath, I looked up. Either I gave Dad's soul a final heartfelt message, or the ceiling now thinks…
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @anylaurie16: After he passed, Mom laid next to his body and gave him one final, "Ron, make these girls stop being mean to me."
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @anylaurie16: Mom just grumbled, "I suppose they'll want the morphine back."
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @anylaurie16: I would like to replace the phrase "I'm sorry for your loss" with "oh man fuck that shit."
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @morninggloria: (Rob Ford removes mask, steps out of fatsuit) (It's Shia LeBeouf) (It's been Shia LeBeouf this whole time) (Who's the ar…
  • Sun, 15:36: RT @JeanGreasy: Even if Lupita is somehow wearing a dress made out of puppy skin, the puppies probably did something terrible so just leave…
  • Sun, 15:37: RT @RealGrumpyCat: I saw The Oscars once. It was awful.
  • Sun, 19:25: RT @thetrudz: <--- not even crying...that hard... #Oscars (Lying. Bawling.)
  • Sun, 19:26: RT @chasoo: I wish Shia Labeouf had delivered the pizza #Oscars
  • Sun, 21:26: RT @dopegirlfresh: blacker than thou w/ no concept of pan-african or diasporan identity twitter is HOT tonight. just shut up.
  • Sun, 21:29: RT @metroadlib: a young man w/the ashiest, driest, palm in the course of american history is showcasing his freshly copped marijuana on my …
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